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Building your
Vulnerability Management Program

Define roles and responsibilities and make sure your program is organized properly.

We look at your process and make sure checks and balances are in place.

Review of existing technologies and configurations to ensure maximum effectiveness.



“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

– Benjamin Franklin


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Executive Mgmt

We help to define Executive Leadership’s role in the program.


Review and design policy governing your vulnerability management program.

Gap Analysis

Find gaps and potential problems with your program.

Reporting Framework

Review and improve reporting framework.  

Tools and Tech

Are you making the best of the technologies you have?  Do you have the right technologies? 

Measure Effectiveness

Help management understand how effective your company manages vulnerabilities. 

Vulnerability Management

For those organizations striving to improve their vulnerability management program, the integration of vulnerability data with accurate asset information is the foundation on which success can be achieved. 

This is often performed manually by security managers and IT staff and can take several iterations to get right.  In mid to larger organizations this data quickly becomes stale.

3wSecurity’s goal is to apply automation to this process so that mangers successfully manage their  environment.

We can perform the scans as a service or work with your existing vendors.  We at 3wSecurity believe that Integration and automation are the key to success and so our solutions have this goal in mind.