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Streamline your testing framework so that testing is part of your agile workflow.

Integrate pentesting as new assets are brough online.

By integrating attack surface management with automated penetration testing you can shorten the window in which vulnerabilities exist.


Automated Pentesting

Combine the power of machines with the power of the human.

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Web Applications

Identify all critical security risks, including the OWASP Top 10.

Social Engineering

Your first line of defense is your people.  Test your organizations effectiveness against phishing and other social engineering attacks.

Audit of your detection Controls

Measure your organizations ability to detect active security hacking.

Network and Infrastructure

We provide both manual pentesting and automated pentesting.

Manual Pentesting

Validate automation with periodic manual pentesting.

Hacker One

Augment your testing program with Hacker One’s bug bounty program.

Attack Surface Management with Penetration Testing

Traditionally, industry practice was to perform manual penetration testing on a semi-annual basis.  The problem with this approach is that vulnerabilities are often introduced right after a test has completed and critical issues could be overlooked until the next testing window.

While automated vulnerability scanning tools mitigate some of this risk, neither of these two controls address the addition of new networks, cloud-based systems or potential third-party issues.  

3wSecurity can provide pen-testing on-demand as an add-on service to its Attack Management offering.  This allows companies to achieve coverage throughout the entire digital life-cycle.